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  • Resin Figures Manufacturers - Custom Polystone Figurines

    Polystone & Resin Figurines

    Your character - on display for the world to see.
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    If an order of high-end figurines is on your wish list, your search ends here.

    Our resin and polystone figurines are more like works of art than toys. Limited edition polystone figurines are collectibles that last a life time, designed and crafted for the most discerning collectors and fans.

    For figurines + statuettes that are high on character authenticity, we’re your partner.  

    Below are the answers to the top 3 questions we get about making  high quality custom polystone figurines.  

    If you’re interested in the detailed design, prototyping and production stages we move through as we develop resin figurines, below you’ll find a step-by-step description.

    The reason we went down that road is to create a wow factor, something that isn’t in a catalogue, that everyone hasn't seen already. Everyone was surprised at the great quality. Thank you!

    Scott Eifert, Senior Marketing Director
    Comcast Spotlight

    Thank you VERY much again for making our wish come true! Quality is stellar and speaks for itself. If it has not already been said enough, MAJOR PROPS to you and crew. You went far beyond the call of duty.

    Jason Bischoff, Licensing Manager
    Blizzard Entertainment

    In Brief


    24 - 36 weeks
    from concept to delivery


    500 - 1,500 +
    6 inch resin figures


    see rough estimates below


    Reliable planning,
    quality and excellent

    Making Resin Statues: The Top 3 Questions

    1. What order quantities are best?

    1,500 is our standard minimum order for most polystone figurines.

    If your figure is large in size and a higher pricing is Ok for your budget and your fans, we can look at orders of as few as 500 figurines.

    p.s. A note about personalized one-off figures

    2. Timelines: Creation-to-Delivery

    It takes between 24 and 36 weeks to design, prototype, manufacture and deliver an order of resin figurines. For complex designs and figures with mixed materials, the schedule can be a little longer.

    Faster schedules may be possible, but additional costs often apply and we don’t offer rush schedules that would require cutting corners on quality. Contact us if your schedule is tight and we’ll see what’s possible. 

    3. How much are Custom Polystone Collectibles?

    Each collectible we work on is unique, and there are no standard project budgets.

    The cost to create an order of action figures depends on:

    • Character design
    • Figure size
    • Painting complexity
    • Packaging
    • # of collectibles created at a time

    Building to Budget + MSRP

    Small changes to the figure’s specs can lead to good cost savings. Let us know your goals for budgeting + pricing to fans and we’ll happily help with recommendations.

    Budgeting for custom resin figures includes three parts:

    1. Per-unit
      Cost for resin figurines vary greatly from project to project.
    2. Setup Investments
      One-time costs for design, prototyping stages, and molds are extra and tend to range from $10,000 to $15,000 or more depending on the resin figurine’s complexity and assets/reference artwork available.
    3. Freight
      Shipping costs are extra and depend on the size of the packaged figure, the order quantity, and the destination. We’ll help with a freight estimate as we’re discussing your project.


    Polystone Resin Figurine Manufacturer


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