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  • Our Happy Toy Making Process

    Our Happy Toy Making Process

    Master recipe for toy joy + constant perfecting.

    Quite simply: toy making is a blast(!). Together we'll evolve the concept and prototype, and transform them into truly great final collectibles. And then there's the toy holding, playing, hugging, and admiring that comes afterwards! 

    Our clients may think making terrific toys is easy. But behind the scenes our internal process has 65 major steps with hundreds of design details and actions. And from start to delivery and beyond you'll find us working passionately to make each new toy our best ever.

    p.s. For all the details on things like timelines, quantities and costs, please choose a specific toy or contact us.

    ...Step by Step

    Listening & Learning

    First, we learn about you, your characters and fans, their universe, your concept and your business, . This lets us understand what your goals are with the toys and collectibles-to-be.

    Then we start with the end in mind: what we want fans, customers and recipients to do, to feel, and the lasting impact we want the toys to leave with them. We keep focused on this at *all* stages of design and production.

    Working togetherLearn More

    We work happily with global teams, smaller firms, and everything in between. Together we focus on getting the little details great.

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Step 1: Learning


    We combine this wisdom, starting ideas and assets with our expertise in toy design and manufacturing. Then we recommend custom toy and collectible concepts that solve your team’s goals and challenges.

    Preliminary packaging ideas are also considered, along with all aspects of the final toys. We think about all possible ways to maximize fan excitement and happiness.

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Step 2: Concept

    Design & Prototyping

    With an approved concept we complete the toy design from top to bottom. Then we start prototyping, using a mix of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, hand sculpting, molding and casting. Once the model, sculpture or pattern is approved we create painted prototypes and begin designing packaging.

    Prototyping is fun! We prep and guide our clients' teams through each step. Each review stage is like a mini visit from Santa. And we don’t stop until everyone is happy with the design & your team approves the final prototype.

    Design processLearn More

    A more detailed explanation of Happy Worker's design approaches and our toy prototyping process.

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Design & Prototyping

    Production & Quality Control

    We make the toys & collectibles from a variety of materials. First we fabricate all individual parts, then finish (paint, sew, print, etc), assemble and package.

    Obsessive about quality we perform multiple QC tests & reviews, including independent third-party inspections. We also complete all required safety testing.

    Perfectionist qualityLearn More

    On top of careful QC we add independent inspections.

    Toy safetyLearn More

    All toys for children are tested for safety.

    Ethical manufacturingLearn More

    Our toy factories are audited for working conditions and CSR compliance.

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Production & Quality Control


    After the toys have been inspected for quality and packed in cartons, they’re loaded onto a boat or plane on their journey to you and your fans’ hands.

    Over the years we've managed shipments to most corners of the world - borders don't scare us, nor do complex distributions or deliveries to faraway warehouses and convention centers at ludicrous speed.

    Shipping & deliveryLearn More

    More about how we manage freight shipments, customs, and happy to-door delivery.

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Step 5: Delivery


    For our clients & their team, fans, and everyone our toys reach. If we don't achieve happiness, then it doesn’t matter how great the toys are - we haven't succeeded.

    Happy clients & fansLearn More

    Our entire process is setup to create great collectibles that result in happiness. This is why we do what we do – to share and spread toy joy!

    Custom Toy Manufacturer - Step 6: Happiness
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