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  • We Make (Great) Toys & Collectibles.

    We create toys that fans and collectors love.

    Toy & Collectible Manufacturing

    We design and produce toys, collectibles and happiness for clients, fans and collectors.
    Some of our favorite toys...

    Some of the toys we make...See more

    Custom Vinyl Toy Maker - Roger Mozbot Happy-Worker-Action-01.png Resin Figurines Manufacturer - Treasure Goblin Bespoke Stuffed Animals - Luxamillion Custom Business Card Holders

    Designer Vinyl Toys - Vancouver 2010 Happy-Worker-Action-01.png Polystone Figures Manufacturer - Zombie Gnombe Custom Plushies Maker - Robot Dinosaur Custom Resin Figures


    We're also in charge of...

    HW-What-Design-and-Prototyping-picto.pngToy Design & Prototyping

    We make prototyping fun and deliver designs that excite fans and collectors

    HW-What-Pack-and-Distribution-picto.pngRetail & Gift Packaging

    We deliver fully packaged toys - with packaging as great as what's inside.


    We love creating for fans...

    Collector’s Editions

    Together with our clients we create collector’s editions and limited editions, from the top-notch central collectible to its high-end packaging and everything in between.
    And we don’t rest till collectors love them.



    Convention Exclusives

    We produce limited edition collectibles, exclusive gifts, and unique merchandise – made specifically for fan engagement at conventions and events.



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    Be a happy worker! :)