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  • Blog & Fun

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Hope all roosters near you a ready to crow in 365 days of happiness. Gong xi fa cai to all humans...

    Joyful bellyful holiday wishes!

    *Thank you* everyone for helping fill our year with cheerful inspiration and hugs - we're a very...

    Pop Out of the Patch with this Halloween Card!

    By Happy Worker
    Custom thumbnail: 
    Happy Worker Halloween Logo
    Topics: Papercrafts

    Halloween Pop-up Card - Be a Happy Worker! Download the .jpg file of this pop-up card and spread...

    Playing Toy Dress-up for Halloween

    By Happy Worker Happy Worker toys in Halloween customs
    Topics: Toys in Action

    Why leave all the fun to humans and pets? This year we thought best to dress up a few of our happy...

    Sasha's Toys-for-Happiness Challenge

    Custom thumbnail: 

    Sasha's (@sashaodyssey) toys-for-happiness challenge... we're inspired! Follow her happiness...

    Wishing you a Joy + Glee-filled Holidays!

    Custom thumbnail: 

      Hey there happy toyful gang,   It's true, we haven't been in touch much this...

    Tyrael Night Light Brightens up Comic Con

    By Heidi Peckover http://www.bxgsby.cn/work/blizzard-tyrael-night-light
    Topics: Toys in Action

    Illuminating the path to bed after a long night of gaming (assuming the sun hasn't come up yet,...

    Cute but Deadly Cloaking Zeratul Launches at SDCC

    By Heidi Peckover Blizzard Cute but Deadly Zeratul Figure
    Topics: Toys in Action

    If you're lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend, B-line it to the Blizzard booth...

    A Happy Worker in Paris

    A Happy Worker in Paris

    Sacrébleu... our happy teammate Gregory is now in Paris. But just so we don't get lonely he's...

    Eggsformers - Easterbots in Disguise

    Transformers - The Easter Edition

    Here's a terrible awesome idea for a Transformers Easter special...Happy Spring-ing everyone! p.s...

    "Let There be Light!"

    By Happy Worker
    Topics: Toy Making

    The Hearthstone replica is the latest collaboration between Blizzard and Happy Worker. This piece...

    Cupid the Barbarian

    Custom thumbnail: 
    Cupid Valentine's Day - Thumbnail

    Happy Valentine's to all lovers & toy lovers!

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