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  • 日本三级2019在线观看免费_日本三级在线播放线观看免费Hi, from Happy Worker!

    We’re a toy manufacturer.

    We create playful masterpieces in vinyl, plush and resin.

    It's all about happy clients, happy fans, and toy joy!

    Toy Making & Manufacturing Services

    We collaborate with our clients to create custom toys & collectibles that earn a permanent place in hearts, on desks and in homes.

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    Toy Manufacturer

    Toy Manufacturing

    We lovingly make vinyl figures, action figures, plush toys, polyresin and resin figurines, and other fan-friendly toys and collectibles.

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    Collector's Editions and Collectibles

    Collector's Editions

    Collaborating with our clients we create collector’s editions and limited editions that passionate fans treasure and adore.

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    Convention Exclusives

    Convention Exclusives

    Exclusive gifts and collectibles created strategically for fan and attendee excitement and engagement at conventions, events, and trade shows.

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    Why we <3 What We Do!

    Wonderful toys & treasured collectibles = happiness.

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    Be a happy worker! :)